Tuesday, December 15, 2009

It must be hard to be number 4

This weekend we were out at the mall for 3 of our kids that had a piano recital. It was nice. They had a nice baby grand set up and the kids played Christmas music for about an hour. When it was all over with the older kids were asking about food. Seems to always happen in our family. After any activity, doesn't matter what time of day or if they have just eaten, as soon as the activity is over, they are all asking about food. We had planned on treating them this time, as a reward for the great concert they had just preformed. After the restaurant debate had ended and we were all getting on our coats, it occurred to me that Logan had not seen Santa yet this year. In previous years, when more of the kids were younger, we had seen Santa atleast twice by now. I can't believe that I hadn't remembered to take him before now! What a bad dad I was!

Luckily, the mall we were in did have Santa for the day so, I took my son and we got in line. It wasn't a long line as Santa lines go and I could tell Logan was excited. He kept talking to himself, trying to remember all the things that were on his list. He wanted to make sure he got it all right. He didn't care that his brother and sisters weren't going up there with him(they had already seen him earlier this month, wink, wink), he wanted this to be the perfect conversation. As I stood there watching him, I thought I could have really blown it if I hadn't remembered to take him! I felt so guilty about the whole thing that I even bought the picture for him to keep to remember he got to see Santa this year.

It can be really hard to remember to do those little things that came more naturally when all the kids were younger. I don't want my younger kids to go into therapy when they are older because "Mom and Dad never took pictures of me as a kid." Hopefully, remembering Santa will help me to avoid the therapy sessions. Oh, let's face it, I'll find another way to screw up my kids. All parents do...right?!

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Time away is good, just throws you off your routine

Ok, the one thing I have been saying is that I would be consistent with my blogging and I really have a desire to be that way and make a go of this blog, but there are many things that get in the way. I give a lot of credit to those bloggers that have stayed consistent for years.

Several weeks ago, right around the time I stopped blogging, my wife and I got away by ourselves for a weekend away from the kids. I would totally recommend this to any couple who hasn't done it in awhile! It is such a great feeling to be with the one you love and not have to worry about what the kids are doing. I have to admit this trip away is a long time coming. Long story, made very short, I didnt' go with my wife on a work trip to San Francisco many months ago. This is a decision I have regretted and am so glad that we finally got away. You see, when you have four kids it is really to forget about spending time with your wife because your kids' lives are so busy.

We didn't go that far away, but that wasn't the point. The point was to spend time with my wife and get back to what is really important. We are both so busy every day and when we finally see each other at the end of the day, the energy we have for each other, is most times, lacking.

I have committed to dating her monthly and intend to follow through on this. I just set up my date with her for December and am excited about spending time with her. She is one of the few that laugh at my silly comments or stupid jokes. You would think this would be an easy decision and would happen every month, but it is so easy to get into a rut and focus my attention on the needs of the kids. Times are changing and priorities are getting changed.

I would love to hear about any ideas that any of you have about how you keep the love alive in your relationship. I should clarify that by saying, keep it clean. I will share things that I come up with and that way, maybe I can help spark other relationships as well. I don't have all the answers, so I need help. Please comment so I can become a better husband.